How to gain free medallion with BTD battles hack

btd battles unlimited medallions

Medallions are easy to get if you have a good tool like btd battles hack. With it you can certainly become the kind of pro you really pray to become. It is well said that hack for bloons td battles are not recommended if you have money to spend on free game. So, you shouldn’t use something like this, if you are definitely rich. This is meant for people that can’t afford to buy lots of items in the battle game. They may be thinking of deleting the game and downloading the next battle game. But, with the help of this post, they will know that there is a website that can help them.

Before you get too excited if you are one of them, you have to ensure that your phone meet the specification needed for unlimited resources in the game. Most of the people I know that used it are come from android, PC, iOS and windows mobile. If you have any other phone that does not sue these platforms, sorry it won’t work. You have to search for your phone OS in order to be sure. You can furthermore, ask friends that use similar phone.

As it is, you can gain free medallions with btd battles hack on It’s the site that lots of people have been using to get unlimited number of these stuffs in the game. You will also be able to get lots of free money, which you can use to buy some other resources, most especially, the expensive ones.

This site can allow anyone that comply with their guidelines, add free items into their iOS game and not get banned. One question you might have in mind is what are their guidelines?

  • Do not use blacklist IPs or proxy server to access the site:

How will I know if my IP is blacklisted? The best way is to type into your browser, if you see a red symbol, then you need to ask for removal from Spamhus or else you won’t get anything.

  • Your device must be compatible:

Like I said before, you must check if you device can play the game very well. Most new android phones works properly.

The very good thing about this tool which makes it much better than other hack tool is, it is free. You may not be able to find any other easy way to gain free medallions with btd battles hack, without this exact one. So, take this chance and see how many you can add for yourself.

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